The current catastrophic callapse of global fish stocks must end.

This page shows the plight of our oceans in 40 pictures.

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If you would like to do something about the imminent callapse of fish stocks, stop eating fish that is not sustainably farmed. Always look for the MSC label on your fish. Don't buy fish'n'chips from the high street (sorry). This sounds bad, but if you don't stop now then when you're older it may not be an option anyway, as there will be none left!

Less than 1% of our oceans are protected to any meaningful degree, but experts recommend that at least 30-40% should be protected as marine reserves to keep them healthy in the long term. That means closed completely to exploitation. Write to your MP and suggest this.

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(Although you could start here: protectchagos.org)

Firstly, a reminder of the spectacular variety of ocean life that we have. The oceans rival rainforest for their diversity and importance to the worlds ecological balance.

Many many species are currently under threat as a direct consequence of human actions.

A reminder of what a coral reef habitat should look like.

Then after trawling, bombing, overfishing or overpopulation of starfish, caused by pollution.
(I have personally dived at sites like this and it is a very sad experience)

Then there's fishing. On a small scale it is manageable for the most part. From Indigenous peoples to western hobbyists.

Although a number of freshwater species are in serious trouble because of prize specimen fishing.

But the real problem is the open sea water trawler boats. Millions of boats are overfishing the seas and the stocks are disappearing. The fish will not last forever. Maybe not very long at all.

The scale of the catches is unimaginable.

Including still legal catches of endangered species. It's crazy.

But possibly even more sickening is amount of 'bycatch' which is thrown away. The fishing quotas that do exist mean trawlers still fish in the same way, but throw away even more than before. Along with anything anything else that happened to get caught in the nets. By the time they are released though, the fish and anything else caught will already be dead. Food for the birds, that's all. Tons and tons and tons of it. Billions of little lives wasted.

Eventually some will end up on your plate. Still hungry?

In the Serengeti in Africa, where animals are under threat, taking animals from the wild is called poaching. Why is it that taking wildlife from the sea is different? Why are we allowed to pilfer from our waters to excess? It is blind, greedy stupidity in my opinion.

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